A plane crash in Nepal is expected to have killed all 72 people on board. At least 66 bodies have been identified so far. The Nepalese airline Yeti has been trying to improve its bad reputation in flight safety for years. What is known about the YT691 tragedy.

After the plane crash in Nepal that killed dozens, the search for the last occupants continues. So far, the bodies of 66 of the 72 people on board have been found and taken to a hospital for identification, said the coordinator of the rescue work on site on Monday morning of the German Press Agency. The bodies would then be handed over to the relatives. As “Skynews” reports, the black box is said to have been found in the meantime.

For Nepal, the crash of flight YT691 in Pokhara is more than just another catastrophe. The country has been trying for years to improve its bad reputation when it comes to aviation safety and also to get off the European Union’s black list. But this time the authorities cannot blame a difficult mountain approach or bad weather. This will cause criticism of the lax supervision to flare up again.

Yeti Airlines’ ATR 72 crashed on Sunday morning (January 15) on a perfectly safe route in fine weather. It is the worst accident in the country in 30 years.

What is known so far about the crash of flight YT691:

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