A couple gets into hot waters on a flight to Dublin. The two couldn’t keep their hands off each other and were even filmed in the act.

A couple travelling on a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Dublin has caused a stir. According to reports by the Daily Mail and others, the woman and man are said to have performed a sexual act in the middle of the flight in the early hours of last Tuesday morning. Shocked fellow passengers claim that the couple were “constantly getting down to business” on the plane.

Passengers report a “disgusting” incident that may have been seen by children present. A passenger from west London, named Farrah in the report, told the Daily Mail she saw the two shortly after takeoff. “They covered themselves with a scarf, but as an adult it was pretty obvious what they were doing. […] It was pretty embarrassing for me to sit next to my brother and watch that.”

She explains that she was talking to her brother and every time she saw “strong movements” in the rows of seats on the other side out of the corner of her eye. That’s why she filmed it, and the video can be seen on “Mirror”, among others.

As the witness further reports, the couple simply continued with their activities despite the other passengers. “It was shocking because there were children on the flight. “It was disgusting, to be honest,” Farrah told the Mirror.

A spokeswoman for British Airways told the Daily Mail: “Our flight attendants were not made aware of a problem on board.” If they had been informed, they would have intervened, said the spokeswoman.

If you are caught having sex on a plane, this has far-reaching consequences for travelers. Among other things, there is a risk of charges for causing a public nuisance and blacklisting for certain airlines.

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