For years, speculation about the car project of Apple. The iPhone maker worked under the name of “Project Titan” since 2014, in fact, systems for Autonomous Driving and get to a iCar. At times, up to 5000 people should have worked in the automotive division of Apple.

it became Known, among other things, that the American company engineers had been recruited by many major car manufacturers, and that there were always talks about the collaborations, such as with BMW or Mercedes. Only a few weeks ago, it had been speculated that Apple could be launching an electric Van.

But now, Apple’s “Project Titan” pulls the plug. According to the newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle”, the group announced the California authorities, the dismissal of 190 employees, mainly engineers, programmers and designers. They leave at 16. April Apple.

last month, Apple had added a further 200 employees from “Project Titan” in other areas of the company.

Apple confirmed the restructuring

Apple said to U.S. media also officially to the restructuring of the Team “have been working on Autonomous systems and associated technologies”. The Team will focus in 2019, his work on a number of key areas, some groups would be transferred to projects in other areas of the company.

According to the Statement, Apple believes more in the potential of self-driving systems, to which Apple is a lot of Know-how could contribute to that obtained probably the most ambitious Machine Learning project in the world.

After nearly five years of work, not so much left of the Apple car plans. Apparently, potential partners in the auto industry were not even in the Software-solutions interested.