Presumed Reich citizens met nine days after the raid near Heilbronn. The occasion was a lecture by Matthes H., a well-known speaker in the scene, whose apartment was also searched.

Nine days after the nationwide Reichsbürger raid, one of the searched people gave another lecture in Kupferzell near Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg. According to research by the ARD political magazine “Report Mainz”, almost 30 people took part.

The meeting with the speaker and author Matthes H., well-known in the Reichsbürger scene, and his alleged business partner had been advertised in a telegram group. Interested parties only found out the exact location of the event after they had registered personally by e-mail and were admitted by the organizer.

26 participants accepted the invitation to a large inn in a district of Kupferzell and listened to a nearly two-hour lecture entitled “The German Empire from 1871 to the present day”.

The main speaker, Matthes H., confirmed to “Report Mainz” in a short interview after the event that his apartment was searched during the nationwide raid on Reich citizens. He admitted knowing the alleged ringleader, Prince Heinrich 13 Reuss. But he has nothing to do with a terrorist organization, he told the ARD political magazine. “Report Mainz” reports on the subject next Tuesday, December 20th, at 9:45 p.m.

The 36 million property owners have until the end of January to submit their property tax returns. A look at some federal states shows that millions of declarations are still missing. And if you miss the deadline, it can be expensive for you.

In Berlin, the 16 meter high aquarium in the Hotel DomAquareé burst. Millions of liters of water have leaked out, the Berlin fire brigade is on duty. There are two injured. The police and Senate are currently not assuming an attack. Even a private earthquake station recorded the incident.