coziness and comfort at home, socializing with family and friends for fine food, candle light, cuddly blankets, so the Lifestyle of “Hygge” in Denmark is understood and lived.

The term “Hygge” is attributed to the Danes, and which belong, according to the World Happiness Report, the happiest people. It is not surprising that this Trend of “happiness experts-Nation” has long since passed us by foot. Also, the Swedish style of Life “Lagom”, which stands for “in moderation”, “balance”, spread beyond the country’s borders.

After the Scandinavian countries, the latest Trend from the Netherlands comes now: “Niksen” – which means as much as Around. How does that fit into our predominantly from the hustle and bustle performance driven society, where productivity counts, is it? Now we are supposed to lie on the lazy skin, nothing to do and us feel better? Also the Dutch are among the Happiest. Wrong it may be, therefore, probably, with the “Niksen”Lifestyle a little bit closer to deal.

Stress to Burnout

the Balance between load and resources will not match, such as, for example, in the Job, many people feel stressed, which may often lead to Burnout. Exact Numbers there are not, however, make the health promotion Switzerland with the Job-Stress-Index 2018 figures to Stress at work is in Switzerland. The latest survey of Job-Stress-Index 2018, the health promotion Switzerland shows that the proportion of people has increased with more burdens than resources easily from 25.4% (in 2016) to 27.1 percent (in 2018).

A bad ratio of loads and resources in the workplace may endanger the health and Motivation of the Swiss working population. Often the stress comes in addition to the Work that even in their private lives with family and friends again and again what is going on and it is thanks to the mobile phone almost always and everywhere accessible. No wonder, if in this everyday hustle and bustle, the pressure of the power company, and the constant Distance and availability, and some feel stressed and emotional exhaustion suffering.

slowing down for better well-being

Because of the “Niksen”-Trend comes just in time, because deceleration corresponds to the Zeitgeist. So why not just have a little more lying around? Without TV, or mobile phone. The head empty and the soul allow to dangle. Just “niksen” layer. More Serenity, less Stress. To be comfortably at home on the comfortable Sofa, on the carpet or in the bed around, weather permitting, in the garden or the balcony on the chair, a bit of daydreaming from past holidays. Lazy, lie around, without a bad Conscience, because only a healthy body and mind can cope with the everyday requirements and is working efficiently. When would be a better time to “Niksen” than on the weekend?