Nikolay Rastorguev: it was touch and go up until I met Matvienko

Nicholas how to become a superstar?

Nikolai Rastorguev: Need to start performing on stage. A teenager I dreamed of becoming an artist, but certainly didn’t think I’d be a singer. I went to College, which got me through the year kicked. Sang at the dance. In 1978 was in choir was, as they say, to accumulate experience. Played in the ensemble “leisya, pesnya”. With this rather modest Luggage I came to the Igor Matvienko (artistic Director of group “lube”. – Approx. of the author).

we Can say that this meeting was fateful for you?

Nikolai Rastorguev: Yes. It was touch and go up until I met Igor. I went to the audition – a young chubby man, who looks well, does not fit into the format of a rock band. The genre demanded a lean of the musicians.

Igor Matvienko was so set against you?

Nikolai Rastorguev: In the end, I convinced him that the required group.

And who came up with the idea of group “lube”?

Nikolai Rastorguev: Igor. In his brain originated the idea of creating a new group.

do You remember when was recorded the first song?

Nikolai Rastorguev: 14 January 1989. From this point it was decided to have our “chronology” and to consider this date the official birthday of “lube”.

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how did the term?

Nikolai Rastorguev: We went to the train Lyubertsy. And then he popped the word “lube”, familiar from childhood. Lyrics for debut works wrote Alexander Shaganov, music – Igor Matvienko. First Gus- controlling the tour began in March 1989. The concerts took place in Pyatigorsk and Zheleznovodsk. Success they brought.

In 1989, you received an invitation to “Christmas meetings” Alla Pugacheva. Then the new stage image?

Nikolai Rastorguev: the Military form of the sample in 1939 was leased in the Theater of the Soviet army to perform the songs “atas” and “kill men”. Alla once said in rehearsal: “it was after the war, Zheglov and Sharapov… shirt, boots”. Form came to face.

how was born the famous song “combat”?

Nikolai Rastorguev: Alexander Shaganov admitted that the verses of this song lay it in the Desk for about two years. “There behind the mists” and “combat” with a high theme of patriotism came quite unconsciously. Nobody asked us. All while listening to rock. Apparently, patriotism is in our blood.

Market of sound recording at that time was full of pirated products. Not escaped losses and the group “lube”.

Nikolai Rastorguev: the First song of the planned album were stolen. To reduce losses, Igor Matvienko has released its own pilot version of the second album titled “don’t fool around, America.”

by the Way, in Cannes you won the prize for the video for “don’t fool around, America.”

Nikolai Rastorguev: the Shooting took place in Sochi in hotel “Leningrad”. I sang a song in the bathroom, tiled. There’s a song that sounds good. There were no computers – everything was done by hand. Clip in Cannes sent Konstantin Ernst. The idea was to give us first place. But the Americans said that the jury was crazy. In the end, first place was awarded to “Aerosmith”, we a special prize.

In 1994 in Cannes clip “don’t fool around, America” received a special prize “For the humor and the visual quality”

how was born the famous song “Horse”?

Nikolai Rastorguev: Igor Matvienko and Alexander Shaganov wrote it for the band “Ivanushki International”, and only at the last moment the idea came to remake it for “lube”.

I remember singing “the Golden rye, sing the curly flax sing about how I love to Russia” in the bus, the musicians of Belarusian and Russian Youth Symphony orchestra on tour in the UK.

Nikolai Rastorguev: Yes, the “Horse” won the hearts of millions around the world, where little speak and think in Russian.

Although it would seem, what in this song is so unexpected about it? Why she catches the throat and the Russian and the Belarusian?

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Nikolai Rastorguev: Igor Matvienko believes that the main song of his life already written, and this is “Horse”. This song will definitely be century. Patriotica, just as childhood must be clean. Our songs are not just slogans. This is not a discotheque, as a part of our history. In the song laid collegiality, she begins a capella. Male choir connects gradually, as if from a distance.

Tell us about new projects?

Nikolai Rastorguev: To 75-anniversary of the Victory, let’s write some songs.

Bit of a strange question: who are your mentors?

Nikolai Rastorguev: I have not played with the voice controls me Igor Matvienko. Simultaneously with the album “Kombat” I recorded a solo album with songs of the Beatles. This was the incarnation of my old dreams.

What movies are you watching? Will you be in ten years to review them?

Nikolai Rastorguev: the Leader said that of all the arts the most important cinema and circus. Songs and artists withoday like moths. Was Monetochka and Buckwheat – where are they? Who sing their songs? In the 60-70-ies of all collected records. The music was one of the centers of life – now it has become background. Now, however, young people listen to songs in Russian, which was not twenty years ago.

We are experiencing another wave of retro.

Nikolai Rastorguev: In childhood our idols were the pioneers-heroes. We grew up on the positive examples. My mother told me: is the word “must”. There was a lot of war films. I was lucky – I got a strong Soviet the correct education.

do You know how many hits the group?

Nikolai Rastorguev: At the “lube” only thirty hits Igor Matvienko. There is not yet unwound.


Nikolai Rastorguev: for Example, “Starlings”. The “lube” there is no such thing as a new program. We kick it songs. And at his concerts showing their rich history.

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What is most important for you: music or the word?

Nikolai Rastorguev: in the Beginning was the Word.

what I dream today?

Nikolai Rastorguev: In its 60 years I calmed down.

How many friends do you have?

Nikolai Rastorguev: not so much. But if we are to be friends, then, as they say, on all cylinders. Without weekends and holidays.

What’s ahead?

Nikolai Rastorguev: In March concerts in Rostov-on-don, Krasnodar, Samara. In April we are waiting for Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk.

Nikolay Rastorguev: the Youth began to listen to songs on the Russian language – twenty years ago it was not. Photo: RIA Novosti