Niklas Süle has changed visually a little bit during his rehab. Well, the defensive man was never a player who wore the hair loose and long, like once Roque Santa Cruz and Claudio Pizarro in their time in Munich. But with a little more mane and Gel the 24, therefore, came to-Year-olds. Before an amazing night happened.

“it was a night-and-fog action with four mates,” revealed Süle on Tuesday at the Sky. “It’s also a bit of alcohol is gone.” Oh, Oh, if the nutritionist! Narratives, according to team-mate David Alaba (27) should be Süles “hairdresser” been. In the meantime, he was “quite satisfied,” said Süle more “three, four weeks it looked worse.” to play

Niklas Süle: EM, would have been possible

Süle can laugh again, already for a long time he can. And somehow, the fight hairstyle fits to his Situation. In October 2019, he sustained in the game at FC Augsburg (2:2) a ligament tear in his left knee the course. It was a shock for Süle, FC Bayern and German national coach Joachim Löw. Because the EM-participation seemed to be in danger. Uli Hoeness said at the time that Süle could forget the EM “total”: “This is all cheese. He will focus on the new season.”

Now you will never know whether Hoeness was right or not. Finally, the tournament has been moved to 2021. Süle, however, has a clear position, other than Hoeness. “I’m already assumed that I’m going to make it. I was in a constant exchange with Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt and the two other Doctors. And I think I would have been definitely able to play,” he said: “of Course I could have missed after such a violation of the practice game, but, you know, from other examples, such as Sami Khedira, who has managed in much less time. That’s why I was motivated to top.” sky Niklas Süle in an Interview with sky

Süle had ripped as a very young player, with 19, the cross-band. “I’ve done me harder,” he said. “Now I knew, I’m already come back. I have become a seasoned player.” Süle rose under Ex-coach Niko Kovac, even to the defense chief of FC Bayern before he got injured. In his absence, several players tried in the centre of defence: Lucas Hernández, Jérôme Boateng, Benjamin Pavard, Javi Martinez and Alaba.

Bundesliga-break EM laying Süle come located

Currently Kovac-the successor to Hansi Flick, with Alaba and Boateng has found a strong, well harmonizes Duo, France’s world champion Hernández needs to get in line. For the future, Süle as the ruler of Bavaria, but it is scheduled, of course-defence. If he, and hope all the old top level is reached.

In these days, Süle toils for the return to the square, and still in this season. The break in the League until at least 30. April, as well as the EM-laying give him time. “I am in the sixth month of rehab, and from the first day until now very satisfied, the knee has never responded,” said Süle more.

“It’s all gone as I had hoped. Would have told me this someone that I can maybe play this season, I would have signed it before.” Süles fight-for-Comeback – with the battle hairstyle.

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