Pandemic coronavirus revived Europe’s interest in night trains. They seat fewer passengers than conventional formulations, which reduces the risk of infection. This drew the attention of both travelers and operators of Railways, which began to expand its route network.

So, the Austrian OBB purchased 20 new locomotives for 500 million euros. And this despite the fact that today from Vienna goes at way more overnight trains than any other European city. The operator agreed to resume routes in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, for which early travelers drove Deutsche Bahn, as well as open new – Vienna-Brussels.

the Swedish railway company Snalltaget said it plans four times to increase the number of night trains on the popular route Stockholm-malmö-Copenhagen-Hamburg-Berlin and start a new in the direction of Hamburg and Brussels (the government has allocated 38 million euros). However, in Sweden, rail transport is developing not only because of the pandemic, but from the desire to reduce air travel due to their impact on the environment (Greta Thunberg tried).

Similar trends emerged in France. President Emmanuel macron announced that it expects mass revival night trains. They have already started to ply between Paris and nice, Paris and Tarbes