Dr. Dre and Nicole young,

Long Union 55-year-old rapper Dr. Dre (real name hip-hop artist Andre Romelle young) and 50-year-old Nicole Yang cracked — couple divorced. The title line from his once popular single Forgot About Dre (“Forgot about Dre”) took a new turn in the press. After 24 years of marriage, Nicole young has decided to put an end to his relationship with the star of hip-hop and music producer.

According to TMZ, the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, therefore, will be to resolve disputes in court and to share $ 800 million. In addition to the classes solo, Dr. Dre produced albums for many rappers, he established his own label, Aftermath Entertainment and production company of audio equipment.

Andre Romell and Nicole were married in 1996. In marriage they had a son and daughter, who are now 23 and 19.

Nicole young and Dr. Dre

private life of Dr. Dre has often been the occasion for loud headlines in the press. Five years ago, he publicly apologized to “women who hurt”. He was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Michelle, a journalist Di Barnes and former partner in the label, Thur B. Pryor. In 2017 in the documentary the HBO series “Defiance” (The Defiant Ones) by Dr. Dre admitted that in his biography there are facts for which he was ashamed.
Any man that raises a hand against a woman, is a fucking idiot. He’s out of his mind, and I was not in my right mind. I paid for it. Sorry and my apologies, he said.

Nicole young and Dr. Dre daughter