He would really like to just have it over with. But Nicki Bille can even not be allowed to serve his sentence of four months ‘ unconditional imprisonment.

“He has been approved for fodlænke and should really be turned up (in Probation, ed.) 12. march, but because of everything here with corona, he was asked to stay at home, he heard the details.”

It tells Nicki Bille lawyer Asser Gregersen, B. T.

It was in april 2019, that the footballer was convicted of having threatened a cyclist with a gun in Copenhagen, where he also was in possession of 0.26 grams of cocaine. Fact he acknowledged in the district court.

in Addition, he was convicted of having beaten a doorman in the face with clenched fist, like he was convicted for having threatened a nurse when he was admitted to the hospital after being shot in the arm with a shotgun. In total, sounded the verdict on four months of unconditional imprisonment.

In the first instance appealed against Nicki Bille judgment, but that he chose to drop. It could be the lawyer talk in front of The high Court the 27. January of this year.

Also here was the explanation that Nicki Bille just wanted to put everything bad behind them and move on.

But Nicki Bille must therefore wait. When the execution starts, he does not know, and he must therefore arm themselves with patience in order to have clamped the black bracelet on his ankle.

Something, that means he’s going to serve the judgment at home outside of prison walls.

“A typical scenario is that you must be in employment, education or training and be at the place in the daytime, where the training or work now. So, you get typically a half hour or an hour to act, and otherwise you should be at home, and in addition keep you from drugs and alcohol and other problems,” says Asser Gregersen.

Right now, Nicki Bille, however, not a club, after his contract with Ishøj IF was torn across, and it irks the player.

“He appeared to be frustrated, he has not come in time to serve, for he would like to have it put behind him, and he would like to play again. But coronaen holds him back just like with the rest of us,” says Asser Gregersen.