No job, no salary. It has been a long time for Nicki Bille.

“I’ve had a year and a half now without income. That smoking money out and not any check,” he says.

the Footballer describing his tumultuous life to the SCREEN 2, which is currently going close to him in a documentary on TV 2 Play.

Not since October 2018 has Nicki Bille had a contract with a football club, after Lyngby tore it in pieces, when he was arrested by the police for threatening a man with a gun on the street.

despite the lack of income, however, he roughly maintained his lifestyle from the time when football clubs at home and abroad paid him a good salary.

“The last year I have spent a few million,” says former player on the consumption of the ‘hotels, restaurants and cool cars’:

“It’s just so hard to compromise. I have never tried before.”

But the 32-year-old Nicki Bille has not only been without any form of income. He has also not had any place to live.

in march 2019 sold Nicki Bille his apartment in the south Harbour. It happened only a few months after the shooting incident at the same place between christmas and new year 2018, where he was about to lose his arm. He would no longer stay there, because ‘it caused bad memories’.

It meant that he had no place to stay. He was, in other words homeless. Instead, he lived according to TV 2 with his new girlfriend, his mother, or also, he purchased a hotel room or rented themselves in the Airbnb apartments.

It will be also described, how he drags around his belongings in a plastic bag.

today is Nicki Bille, however, in time to get his life back on an even keel, which also will be described in the program of TV 2 Play.