Neymar was not included in the symbolic team

all the composition is as follows: Bernard Lama, Laurent Fournier, Ricardo Gomes, Marquinhos, Gabriel Heinze, Marco verratti, Blaise Matuidi, Rai, Ronaldinho, George Weah, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The head coach is Italian Carlo Ancelotti.

EUR 222 million was paid to PSG in 2017 with Barcelona over the transfer of Neymar

remarkably, in the team players such as Marquinhos and Marco verratti, who now play for PSG. Plus it was a place world champion-2018 Blaise Matuidi. But Neymar in the list was not there.

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it is likely that in the summer Neymar will not be on the team. Rumors about his return to Barcelona arise almost every week. The Brazilian himself has repeatedly stressed that he wants to play with Lionel Messi. And Argentina, according to Spanish media, said the leadership of the “blue garnet” that he would sign a new contract with the club only in case of signing of Neymar.

the Brazilian is sure that this summer he will return to camp Nou. He has refused to negotiate with PSG about the extension of the agreement and informed the boss of the French club about his intention to go to Barcelona. It was reported that Neymar is even ready for the ultimatum, just to realize his dream.

the Main question now is how much money you will have to pay the club for the player. If last year Barcelona had to negotiate with PSG, but this time she could buy Neymar for a fixed amount stipulated in the FIFA regulations. The rule States that the player can leave the team for a fee after three seasons if the contract was signed before the athlete was 28 years old. According to estimates of the management of “Barcelona”, the amount of compensation for the Brazilian will be 180 million euros. And careIl it for 222 million.

By the way, it is no coincidence that recently it became known that the Catalans are willing to part with Antoine Grismannen. On the transfer of the French “blue garnet” is going to earn about 100 million euros. Likely, this money will be used for the purchase of Neymar.

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But if the user PSG is considering with the departure of Neymar, then the team’s head coach Thomas Tuchel clearly not enthusiastic about this idea. The German specialist, despite some roughness in relationship with the tenth number of the Parisians, always emphasizes to replace such a player is almost impossible.

– Neymar is the man who can single-handedly change the course of the match. Even if the game team is not, he is one fantastic movement will change the situation. I work with him the second year and I can say that Neymar has changed. He became calmer, thoughtful. “With his talent, the Brazilian has to be one of the best in the world,” said Tuchel.

According to the former captain of the Brazilian national team two-time world champion Cafu, Neymar can reach the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. But for this, I’m sure Cafu, he should change his attitude to football.

– Neymar can be in one row with such players as Messi and Ronaldo. But it was time to finally grow up. And to change the attitude to the profession. If he accepts responsibility as a leader, you will succeed. We all expect that Neymar will become more Mature, ‘ said Cafu.

the Neymar in a recent interview said: he began to look differently at some things. Including in your own game.

– over the years you realize that it is important to be effective. But you have to show bright football. The fans like it. I know many people criticize me, hI don’t play too well with his head. It is good just to think. When I play, I do it feet. Honestly, I’m a little scared in the header. Jump, and the goalie hits you, knocking the ball. And you lie, then end up in the hospital. So I prefer to step aside and wait until the ball lands. So much better, says Neymar.

Despite a series of injuries, Neymar is now the best player of the championship of France. And this opinion is not journalists or experts, but a fact. According to experts, versed in statistics, the effectiveness of games the Brazilian is 423 points. This season, Neymar scored 19 points in the system goal+pass, struck 72 shots, gave 107 sharp passes and made 134 successful stroke.

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– Neymar by far one of the best players in the world. Why is he not so well-formed in the PSG? The problem is not the amount of the transfer. He always tries, every year scores more than 15 goals. I think, this year, the Parisians have a real chance to win the Champions League. They have a very strong team. If PSG do, they all recognize the strength of Neymar, – said in an interview midfielder “Zenit”, the Brazilian Malcolm.

speaking generally about Barcelona, it seems that the Catalans are going to make serious changes in the composition of the coming summer. In addition to Neymar, “blue garnet” is calculated to acquire one of the most promising talents of the world Lautaro Martinez. Forward “inter” for the second season shines in Italy and, according to media reports, ready for a new challenge. They may well be Barcelona. On the sidelines say, what is good for the purchase of Martinez gave Messi. The captain and the leader of the Catalans wants to winü the Champions League, and for that the club needs to strengthen the team.

Meanwhile, the Russian Premier League (RPL) called the contenders for the best player and coach March. RPL experts have selected five players: Serdar Azmun (“Zenith”), Alexander Kokorin (“Sochi”), Grzegorz Krychowiak (“locomotive”), Alexander Belenov (“Ufa”) and Christian Noboa (“Sochi”). The winner will be determined by voting of fans on social networks. For the best expect the coach: Yuri Semin (Lokomotiv Moscow), Kirill Novikov (“Dynamo”), Vladimir Fedotov (“Sochi”), Domenico Tedesco (“Spartak”) and Sergey Matveyev (“Krasnodar”).