The 28-Year-old living in his estate in Brazil is “completely isolated” and only with those people who had traveled with him from France back to the States in an opinion of neymar’s communication team.

the reason for the suspicions were two photos, which Neymar had shared on Instagram, with over 136 million Fans. The professional of the French champion Paris St. Germain is seen with friends on a beach volleyball field.

Neymar receives no visits, except his son

In the press release it was said that the footage showed Neymar together with people who had accompanied him on the return from France to Brazil, and with him in quarantine on his estate lived. Neymar receive no visits, with the exception of his son, Davi Lucca was.

Neymar went back to setting the League is in operation in France in his home country. There, he considers himself under the guidance of his personal Trainer Ricardo Rosa fit. He tendon to the end of “this is a sad Moment for humanity” and the return to his professional life brought, it was said in the opinion.

in the Meantime there is another photo from the beach volleyball court: the Fact Neymar is to see with a concentrated look, and only with the pink Shorts wearing alone. Crazy: brother of Bayern Munich Star Hernandez DJ FOCUS Online/Glomex rocks as toilet paper-Completely crazy: brother of Bayern Munich Star Hernandez rocks as toilet paper DJ