Ligue 1 is PSG’s star Neymar, after the end of the French league for his native country of Brazil on the same day is certainly strictly to the rules and regulations of the zelfisolatie. Perhaps that explains his character. That is responding to the controversy that has been created around the photos, which Neymar Thursday, self on Instagram, you know and that you can see how he is with a group of friends course to play.

“Yet he received not a single visit”, says in a news release. “He’s living in his house, completely isolated from the outside world, and it does so with a number of people who will join him in the trip from France is made. In the picture, which is so much fuss is made, only those who are in Paris with him. The only exception to this is his son, Davi Lucca, who, with his father, came to live in it. Neymar, and his companions in his own house, so she is in quarantine and can stay until they get back to their family.”