In the last few days, two flights were affected by turbulence, resulting in many injuries and one death. Now a third accident has been reported. A Turkish Airlines plane crashed due to turbulence. A flight attendant broke her spine.

The incident occurred during a flight on May 25. The Turkish Airlines plane was on a short-haul flight from Istanbul to Izmir. As the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” reports, the pilot warned the passengers to fasten their seat belts due to turbulence. A short time later, the plane plunged into the depths.

A flight attendant who was unable to fasten her seat belt was thrown to the ceiling and then crashed back to the floor of the plane. She broke her spine. After landing in Izmir, she was taken to a hospital there. According to the report, she had only been working as a flight attendant for two months.

Last week, a passenger was killed and 54 others were injured in a similar incident on a Singapore Airlines flight. Twelve people were also injured on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin as a result of turbulence.