In a network there was an old interview with Larisa Dolina for the program “Hundred questions to the adult”.

In particular, the star said that in some cases, not often, for example, if late to the airport, its driver can afford to break the rules of the road.

But the punishment she’s not afraid – she has a document prohibiting the traffic police to stop her car.

Some of the Internet users do not understand the situation, began actively to resent.

While producer and ex-husband the Valley Ilya Spitsyn laughed at this story and said “this is news for big-eared”.

“Look at the today’s year. News for big ears, whose ears actively hang noodles, I do not read”, – quotes the edition of “up”.

As reneurial “Rambler”, Larisa Dolina showed everyone singing master class on the island.

One evening the singer arrived at a local karaoke bar where for several hours, sang a variety of hits of past years.