(Saint John) Parks Canada released a message reminding some safety instructions after a video was posted on social media showing a woman being knocked down by a huge wave at a busy national historic site in Newfoundland.

Video posted to Facebook on Sunday shows a wave washing over a woman standing near the edge of the rocky cliffs at Cape Spear Lighthouse, located just outside St. John’s.

The woman, standing on a rock, falls and disappears under the waves for about five seconds before reappearing.

The end of the video briefly shows her recovering from her fall and moving away from the cliffs.

Parks Canada posted a message on social media on Monday reminding visitors to the tourist site to “avoid getting too close to the edge of cliffs or perilous rocks on the coast”, and not to venture onto the rocks near the water’s edge. The federal agency also mentions that you must stay on designated trails at all times.

Cape Spear is considered the most easterly point of land in Canada. It is a popular spot for those hoping to spot whales and icebergs.