Newborn porcupines and goats from Kaluga zoo choose names

In Kaluga the zoo was born just four of the baby. The addition occurred at the Cameroonian couple of goats and a family of porcupines, reports GTRK “Kaluga”.

a Pair of porcupines and His Tat met almost a year ago, in the ecological Park a “Biosphere”. Fairly quickly they became a big family, which recently grew again. In the aviary had two kids. Yet they are afraid of outsiders and are trying to hide from the lenses. But very soon the cubs will be able to stand up for themselves themselves – their needles grow every day and become longer. While hard and sharp they become a few hours after their birth.

In the Cameroon goats were augmented twins were born. Although to distinguish between them is still possible. “The boy ears down, he’s really funny. And here is sweet little girl was born with erect ears and jumped very quickly,” says biologist ecological Park “Biosphere” Christina Zalevskaya.

the Fact that the goats were born just two of us is the exception. Usually there is only one baby. But as the staff “Biosphere”, due to the fact that their mom had a great appetite, she managed to make both. Now the babies are bored, they can play with each other. People’s kids, too, almost afraid, immediately ran to meet.

Now kids active period of growth, so the tooth they are trying everything – fingers, pens, shoelaces guests. However, the main element of the diet is milk. Although Cameroonian children already tries and greens, and oatmeal. With this diet of goats has grown up so much already for the week and when the outside temperature is above +18, they will be transferred to an outdoor aviary.

currently, the eco-Park workers to solve another problem – they will have to choose names for small porcupines, and towill oslet. Will make by voting on the page in social network “Vkontakte”. The options will be taken from the environment.

Text: GTRK “Kaluga”