The U.s. government is to its people still promote the outdoors as a protective mask, or any other form of gelaatsbedekking to contribute to the spread of the new corona virus from entering the system. And that, writes The Washington Post. According to the vice president, and Mike Pence will be the new guidelines in the next few days will be announced. Meanwhile, the president He was convinced that the ‘scarf’ might be better than all.

New York city mayor Bill De Blasio, residents already have ordered surgical masks to wear. This measure was announced at a press conference. Because there is a shortage of professional masks, and other protective equipment is advised De Blasio to make yourself a scarf around the face, covering it.

you can also Read Your mouth, cover it with a scarf and gloves against the corona virus, does that help?

The Us president, He had a task force meeting at the White House, and mentioned that he would prefer to scarf up surgical masks. “A scarf is better, because the thicker it is,” said the president, who said that the wearing of surgical masks and other personal protective gelaatsbedekking) it’s probably not a requirement. “If people want to contribute, you can do it.”
Modified opinion,

from the White House, it is not considered to be of the people, protective gelaatsbedekking to wear it. That is, the decision-makers, there still seem to be going to choose it, in part, by custom the opinion of the health service, the CDC, who had previously advised that healthy people don’t all have to be wearing it.

Due to the increasing evidence that people who are using the new corona virus infection, but no symptoms, the virus is still spreading, so the CDC’s previous recommendation to modify it. “In the light of these new data, together with the prevalence rate of infection in communities around the country, and encourages the CDC to the use of fabrics, masks, as an additional guideline, which people can use to prevent the spread of the virus to the people around them, to avoid the” sound like it’s in a document that the Washington Post was able to recognize it.
Fabric masks

The CDC emphasized, however, that the medical-masks, of which there are large deficits are likely only if workers are to be used, and it is, therefore, to have a (possibly self-made) fabric of masks or some other form of gelaatsbedekking, such as scarves go.

in Accordance with the Belgian virologist is in order Van Gucht, is in a unique as a preventive maatregeloverigens to be useless: “That is the virus hanging in the air.”

When you are on the street walking, may be that the virus so it is not in your mouth binnenwaaien. He said that it was important to keep one’s distance, as required.

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