New York has overtaken all countries in the world in the number infected with the coronavirus

the U.S. state new York was ahead of all countries of the world the number of people infected with coronavirus. This was reported on the website of the project the Johns Hopkins University.

In new York city recorded more than 250 cases of infection, which is more than in any country. Just a coronavirus in the United States infected 816 240 people. Victims of the infection became more of 43.9 thousand people. Fully recovered 74.9 thousands of patients.

Earlier it was reported that the residents of Westchester County in suburban new York has filed a lawsuit against the world health organization (who), accusing it of negligence. In the indictment it is noted that this is a class action suit for “damage that was the result of gross negligence of the organization, time has not declared coronavirus emergency of public health”. The plaintiffs also accused the who of failing to provide necessary instructions to its employees: they believe that taking quarantine measures was followed earlier.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded 2.5 million. More of 175.6 thousand people died from COVID-19, more 678,5 thousand — cured. In antileader of ranking are United States (816 thousand), Spain (204 thousand), Italy (183 thousand), France (156 thousand) and Germany (148 thousand).