Governor fears that the hospitals are overloaded by patients. A challenge is to provide respirators enough.

100 people who were infected with coronavirus, is dead in the us state of New York in the course of the past day.

It gives the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, on Thursday.

He fears that state hospitals will be overloaded by the new patients expected to be hospitalized in the coming days and weeks.

Why has New York city got approval for, that two patients can be shared on a respirator. If it becomes necessary, you can also take the anaesthesia and low on ventilators, says Cuomo.

the Experience of the seriously ill coronapatienter have shown that they need a long time in the respirator – sometimes 20-30 days.

The total death toll in the entire UNITED states is a Thursday afternoon Danish time reached 1046. It shows a statement from the u.s. Johns Hopkins University.

close to 70,000 americans are confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

Governor Cuomo says that the most important thing right now is to try to “flatten the curve out”.

– It is all about reducing the curve and avoid overloading the hospitalssystemet.

– We know that we are going to have huge challenges ahead when it comes to creating enough space in the hospitals, or enough staff, who are trained to help us in this crisis, says Cuomo.

New York is the hardest hit state with 37.258 confirmed smittetilfælde.

the Governor stresses that about a quarter of the test carried out on a national scale, made in New York city.