There are images such as New York, you since 11. September 2001 no longer knew. Dozens of corpses in a refrigerated lorry in. By forklift the Corona to be brought dead directly to the hospital in the van.

Like no other Federal state has taken New York from the Corona epidemic. Last night 75 795 New York had contracted the Virus (USA: 173 741), 1550 people have died (USA: 3433).

Shocking footage of corpses in New York by forklift source: IMAGE 1:43 Min removed. Share Tweet send via email, via Whatsapp

send The public life of the metropolis came to a Standstill. Nevertheless, New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo (62, Democrat) is now as the Hero of the crisis – and the great hope of his party for the highest office in the Land.

“May be Andrew Cuomo’s FDR?”, the “Washington Post wants to know”. FDR, the initials of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (d. 1945), the legendary 32. President of the United States, led his country from the “great Depression” of the baptized of the world economic crisis and in the war against Nazi Germany. “The pandemic is Cuomo’s great Depression.”