After the marked increase in the death toll, warns governor of New York the UNITED states’other states about the infection.

The u.s. state New York are close to round 2000 deaths as a result of the corona virus.

In the past day are nearly 400 people who were infected with the virus, died.

Thus the land is now registered 1941 coronadødsfald, informs governor Andrew Cuomo Wednesday.

the Day before was the number of dead as a result of coronavirus in 1550.

The marked increase in the number of deaths among the tens of thousands of coronasmittede in New York get Cuomo to warn other states in the UNITED states:

– Look at us today, look at yourself in the morning, he says his daily press conference.

He adds that there are now being introduced further initiatives in New York City in order to limit the spread of infection in the metropolis. Among other things, closes the city’s playgrounds, informs he.