Hundreds of Russian soldiers are believed to have died in a New Year’s Himar missile attack on a military barracks. One who was there now tells why the recruits were all in the same place at 12:01 am.

At 12:01 am on New Year’s Day, four Himars rockets hit a Russian military barracks in Makiivka, Donetsk region. Several hundred attack warriors died in the impact. Now someone who was there tells why so many soldiers were so close together.

In a video interview with the Belarusian investigative portal Nexta, Anton Golovinsky, a newly mobilized man from the Samara region, says that so many Russians died because they had to watch President Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s speech.

Golowinsky says: “We were brought to Makiivka at the end of the year and found accommodation there in the building of the technical university.” The recruits asked not to be accommodated all together, so as not to be an easy target.

But on New Year’s Eve they were all brought together in the assembly hall. “We had to listen to Putin’s speech. We asked not to do that. But we were told that we had to obey orders.” Colonel Roman Enikeyev was responsible for this, according to the Russian soldier in the video. “Because of his command almost all our men died.”

Golowinsky initially survived the Ukrainian attack, according to his own statement “as if by a miracle”. In the meantime, however, he is said to have died in a Russian clinic.

The Russian authorities have so far blamed the attack on the soldiers. They all used their mobile phones on New Year’s Eve, which allowed the Ukrainians to locate them. Many experts have already contradicted this view.

Rather, it is likely that residents gave the tip as spies. Golowinsky also supported this depiction: “All the locals knew about it. Everyone knew it.”

Again and again the Ukrainians succeed in hitting the Russian aggressors. Apparently, this time a speech by Vladimir Putin – and his order for the soldiers to watch it – became a death sentence for his men.