on the one hand, very creative, as this direction has created a sense of constant dialogue and visible, almost in a theatrical spectacular, unwitting rivalry of creative individuals. On the other hand, out of necessity, because on a small stage can only fit six musicians.

But surrounded by several sound engineers, masters of light and special effects. Indeed, thanks to the bizarre twists of the laser beams, the semitones and spolohami, constant movement of powerful emissions of energy sound and light show complemented the whimsical, mystical visual atmosphere, but the apparent confusion of silhouettes of a big city, too, hurrying somewhere, as in the global hit of the concert – “People on escalators”, and that intense emotional contrasts and allegories of the fantasy Thriller. Yeah, drums in the end on the stage still did not fit. But the supergroup – then there is special education in the music world to its participants, representing different genres of music, could always find out of any difficult situation such withdrawal to the concert in the end, the audience liked even more.

the Term “supergroup”, by the way – not a compliment, but buying a statement of fact that it was made up of well-known artists from different teams. Before in Russia was perhaps the only one – “the untouchables”, where in the early 90s, was found Garik Sukachev, Sergei Voronov, Anatoly Krupnov, Rushan Ayupov, Igor “Big” Balashov – came from the star rock bands “Brigada S”, “the Crossroads”, “Black obelisk”, “Quarter”…

the Stylistic range “of Jackets Cobain” wider, and all the musicians continue to play in their main groups, being, the language of sports coaches “in a constant tone and great shape.” And Leva Bi-2 Shura Bi-2 and Andrei Calls (respectively, “Bi-2”), and Anton Sevidov (Tesla Boy) and Yuri Usachev (ex-“Guests from the future”, and now he, along with the finalist of the first “Voices” Tina Kuznetsova in the electronic indie-folk Duo Zventa Sventana), and it is clear Leonid Agutin. Except that Dmitry Ashman left “Bravo”.

what they all United in “Jackets Cobain” in response to questions from the audience, said producer, the main mastermind and vocalist/guitarist of the supergroup Shura Bi-2: “We wanted to do a project with the music to which we dance at parties.”

revealed several “production secrets”, which he managed to collect such a prestigious team. Here’s how, for example, in project drummer of the first composition Nirvana Chad Channing. “I called my friend and asked for help – remember Shura Bi-2, – Chad has performed in Tallinn, where there was no direct flight to his native Seattle. So he decided to fly through Moscow. Buddy requested that I met the drummer and put on the desired re��C. And I asked if he can play in response to one of the songs for our new album. And received consent!”

In Moscow this time Channing arrived and so mighty a track No Order, which is the Shura Bi-2 the most beloved in this project, to play, alas, failed. Although many were waiting for him: do you know many songs in which violently and unpredictable, organically connected rap, heavy metal and Gothic?! And “Jackets Cobain” played nine songs of the album: “Hunting for grasshoppers” (in the original it is sung by Diana, but this concert could not come), “People on escalators”, “Exercise in balance”, Dasha, PLS and all the others. Well, the tenth became known to the rock ballad song “Bi-2” – “My rock-n-roll” now with electronic loops and a new arranger solutions, thus becoming, perhaps, even more dramatic, desperate and existential. And then musicians were encored. But they laughed, “We played you all the songs that we have. So, the two will play again”. And started with “People on escalators”.

Some hits, by the way, sounded a bit different than the album version. Somewhere occasionally added jazz vocal techniques and roll, influences of dark wave and indie-folk, and electronic magnifying glass it seemed, at times, even more appropriate than live drums. Perhaps long ago in our rock was not a group that is so generous with ideas, emotions, not banal melodic and arranger moves. Towards the end of the program, viewers are increasingly asked: “when is the next concert?” Shura Bi-2 in response vaguely smiled and said, “Soon.” It was evident that such questions he is very pleasant.

In fact, the risk that after the resumption of the touring season all star musicians will go back to their constituencies and they will not be up “Jackets Cobain”, is available. A lot depends on how much they like to experiment and surprise his audience with a new sound, a light, musical collaborations… But, it seems that after such a successful concert, they still want to take a chance again.

Tina Kuznetsov, soloist of the band “Jackets Cobain”:

Despite the fact that my project Zventa Sventana is based on authentic folklore, I cannot be counted among narodeninam or Folgarida. I have a large background behind a lot of awards and victories at international jazz festivals. And not only jazz – pop, ethnic. Besides, I have several years devoted a great electronic project “My-Ti”, which played house music, deep house and various electronic styles.

And I find it difficult to answer the question, why sing in the “Jacket of Cobain” invited me. I think because I have fun in music and I’m a professional. I shake, and that’s it.