New Sukhoi Superjet (SSJ-New) will receive enhanced chassis, as well as the latest oxygen system and the vibration control system of the engine, reported in a press-service of the state Corporation “rostec”.

“the state Corporation “rostec” creates a number of systems for the future of the SSJ-New. The aircraft will receive improved chassis, the newest oxygen system, as well as the vibration control system of the engine. Contracts for the development and testing concluded between the enterprises of the holding “Technoceramica” and Corporation “Irkut”, – RIA “news” the message of the Corporation.

SSJ-New will feature a new chassis with improved cushioning and control system parameters. The advanced design of the chassis will make the landing more comfortable for passengers and crew. The vibration control system of the engine is developed using the latest technology design of automatic control systems of power plants. It is designed for monitoring and warning of engine faults.

In addition, the ship will get new oxygen equipment with built-in alarm barometric pressure. The system is designed to prevent oxygen starvation of passengers and crew during emergency depressurization at an altitude of 12 thousand meters. Also oxygen equipment can be used for preventive oxygen supply of crew members during normal flight conditions.

With reference to the industrial Director of the aviation complex of “Rostec” Anatoly Serdyukov in the message it is noted that the testing of the prototypes of control systems vibration of the engine and the oxygen equipment is planned to start next year. The agreements provide for the design, manufacture, testing and tekhsoprovozhdenie equipment at all stages of production and operation of ships. Currently, we are developing the engineering design, then the company will start manufacturing prototypes and testing of the systems in the test bench simulate the flight conditions of the “Electronic bird”.

Earlier Russia proposed a replacement for the Sukhoi Superjet 100. For this role nominated by a long-forgotten project of Tu-334. The Federation Council found a number of advantages “Tu” compared to the “Superjet”.