New scientific method of training will enhance the skills of weightlifting

MOSCOW, 13 APR — RIA Novosti. Optimal conditions of training of weightlifters found by specialists of the Moscow city pedagogical University (MGPU). The results obtained by examining the growth of sports skill of athletes of Olympic reserve. A study published in the journal of Physical Education and Sport .

the Study of the dynamics of the state of weightlifters during the year, trained on the methodology established in the Moscow state pedagogical University, demonstrated growth results (for the snatch, the jerk and snatch) on average by 28%.

the Methodology involves a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the athlete, taking into account the developmental age, training level, weight category, as well as biochemical, biomechanical and functional characteristics of an organism.

In the annual experiment was attended by athletes of the Moscow school of Olympic reserve. For an analysis of the weightlifters used a variety of hardware techniques: motor and cognitive tests, tests of psychophysical condition, reflecting the work and the relationship of the Central nervous and muscular systems, as well as monitoring the cardiovascular system and lactate level in the blood.

Technology of biological feedback, which the researchers focus in their work, allow, according to them, more effective to achieve high sports results.

currently, the team of experts develops on the basis of the data of the program of training and rehabilitation of athletes, as well as a system for continuous physiological monitoring of training, incorporating the most modern methods of observation and analysis.