It is more than just an organizational change. On January 1, Frankfurt Airport took over the organization, control and implementation of the security checks itself. Previously, this was a matter for the federal police. This is now only responsible for the supervision and the armed protection of the 170 checkpoints at the largest German airport. The airport hopes that this will give it more flexibility.

The change in responsibility is accompanied by a change in technology. Frankfurt Airport has recently implemented a new arrangement of controls in Area A of Terminal 1. The MX2 track concept is the name of the concept developed by the Dutch manufacturer Vanderlande. It allows carry-on baggage to be handed in and picked up on both sides of a control station. This leads to faster checks and requires fewer staff.

At the same time, the airport is using new scanners. The devices of the American Leidos allow passengers to leave laptops, tablets or liquids in their hand luggage. They take three-dimensional pictures of the bags and backpacks and recognize different materials. This leads to fewer follow-up checks. This speeds up the process even more.

The aim of the airport operator Fraport is to use the scanners everywhere. Earlier tests with scanners from the British manufacturer Smiths Detection had yielded very good results, he explains. Up to four times more travelers can be processed per hour.

Lufthansa is hoping that other airports will follow suit. “The Frankfurt model can thus become a role model for other German airports. This is urgently needed in order to ensure the competitiveness of Germany as an air traffic location in the long term,” commented CEO Carsten Spohr.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

The filing deadline for property tax ends in January. But for tens of thousands of apartment and house owners, the madness will only begin when the property tax assessment notices arrive. Many have no idea what is in store for them financially. In contrast to a pensioner from Freiburg. He should pay 2478 percent more in the future.

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