He wants to get the institution in Krauchthal, by 2030, fully functional and continue to operate. At the same time, Bern will be exploring with the other ten cantons of the penitentiary concordat of North West and Central Switzerland, such as the required detention places once divided.

The Canton of Bern is currently within the concordat, especially many of the enforcement courts. He is seeking a discharge, such as police Director, Philippe Müller (FDP), made on Tuesday in front of the media. The concordat Secretary Benjamin Brägger was open for talks.

On the Thor mountain 180 offenders live in today. The number of detention places has to be reduced because of the modern space requirements one way or the other at 130, because an extension is due to the geographical conditions is not possible.

In the old buildings is the contemporary prison is no easy task. A renovation would be costly, especially since the buildings are under monument protection. From today’s point of view, convincing arguments for the longer-term task of the site, discussions of the Bernese government writes.

other jails and correctional facilities in the Canton are out of date. In addition, it has generally, too little seats. The government has therefore decided a master plan that he presented on Tuesday.

In the three phases of the judiciary is to be renewed enforcement. Heart piece in the first Phase of a new building with around 250 seats is somewhere in the Bernese Jura, or in the Seeland. More in the regional jail Thun an Annex with 80 seats is to be built.

Other institutions – including the women’s prison in Hindelbank, are to be renovated. Close the government to the dilapidated regional jail Biel.

The master plan provides that the Canton of Berne in the future, 1099 detention places available. That would be 147 more than it is today. The renewal of the prison system has its price: According to the master plan, the government intends to invest about 580 million Swiss francs in the infrastructure of the prisons and institutions.