Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz received French President Emmanuel Macron at a dinner in the Federal Chancellery on German Unity Day. While Scholz showed up in a classic suit with a shirt and tie, the fashion-conscious Macron chose an outfit that was unusual for him: he wore a dark turtleneck under his jacket.

Economics and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, who usually wears a suit, had previously appeared in a turtleneck sweater. There is a message behind this fashion shift. “You won’t see me in a tie anymore, you’ll see me in a turtleneck sweater. And I think it will be very good, it will allow us to save energy,” Le Maire told France Inter.

First LeMaire, now Macron. “After Bruno Le Maire last week, Emmanuel Macron swapped his tie for a sweater.” And further: “A change of clothes, which should raise the awareness of the French for the energy crisis,” commented the French gala on the fashionable change.

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The mayor of the small French town of Périers, Gabriel Daube, also made a fashion statement in a similar direction: the municipality bought fleece jackets for the freezing schoolchildren. “I think the manageable effort for the fleece jackets contributes to the well-being of the students and thus to their general well-being,” Mayor Daube told “France Bleu”. It costs the community 6,000 euros to buy a fleece jacket for each of the around 350 students. How every student has a computer or a dictionary, they now also receive a fleece.

After North Korea launched an unidentified ballistic missile, Japan on Tuesday issued a warning urging some of its residents to go to shelters.

In view of the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis, the EU Commission is preparing for power cuts and other emergencies, including within the European Union. That says the responsible EU Commissioner Janez Lenarčič. 5 million iodine tablets have already been delivered to Ukrainians in the vicinity of nuclear power plants.

Who is behind the mysterious explosions of the two Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea? Almost all Western secret services assume acts of sabotage – and look in the direction of Russia. Moscow, on the other hand, blames the United States. For the former head of the Ukrainian gas company “Naftogaz”, however, it is clear that Putin is behind the action.

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 – the sequel: Prime subscribers can shop for exclusive bargains again as early as October. With the second Prime Day this year, Amazon heralds the pre-Christmas shopping season. There are even advance offers with up to 50% discount. Everything is included, from gas cookers to Amazon Echo models.