Not even two weeks ago, I rattled councils in the newly-elected National the champagne glasses. After the election, it is likely to continue: a Few days after the election on Sunday fluttering congratulatory letter and invitations to the house.

One that is inundated with Post, Felix Wettstein (61). The Solothurn Green says: “In the first two weeks I have received around 25 letters from companies and associations that were not previously in touch with me.” Mostly it had to write congratulations, but also invitations to Aperitifs and small gifts were, according to the Neo-national Council.

The sender, be very different. “A number of letters come from the health sector, for example, of inter-Pharma or the Alliance for Healthy Switzerland. But also from industry associations and media companies, many of the letters were similar.” It is not even clear which Commission Wettstein will sit – and which laws he will help to shape there.

wage Supplement for Postman

“The Postman needs next, then a wage Supplement, because he has so much to do,” says Priska Wismer-fields (49) of the CVP. Also she is reelected. Because in Luzern Andrea Gmür (55) in the Council of States to move in, moved in the national Council. “I’ve already got some invitations to Receptions. Add to that countless congratulatory letter from the company,” she says.

But the largest part of could stand before. “If the commissions are distributed, the Lobbying certainly more intense. But contacts also belongs to the Parliament work,” says Wismer.

lobbies fear full Agendas

For Reto Wiesli, President of the Swiss Public Affairs society, it is clear why the new members get early Post: “You must now schedule the events. If you wait longer, you are already invaded and occupied all of the dates.” A very practical reason for coming: “There are around 60 new MP, because learning has to start early.”

And, although the parliamentarians are re-attributed to Wiesli so that you will quickly take on responsibility. “You don’t come from the school, but to bring the political experience of the backpack.” And in the lobbies want to put a little bit what.