New mandrel to the Constitution explained

The Central election Commission (CEC) of Russia has published the information booklet “Amendments to the Constitution: why it’s important.” The document is available on the CEC website in the section “Layout of printed materials.”

In a 20-page booklet explains all put to a nationwide vote changes. The amendment is divided into 12 chapters: “family values” “Defense of human labor”, “Social security”, “Affordable quality medicine for everyone”, “In the power — only the patriots”, “the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity,” “Stability and development”, “Conservation of natural resources”, “Responsible treatment of animals”, “Support volunteers and NGOs”, “the Preservation of cultural heritage”, “Support of the Russian science”.

In the Preface to the document notes that the amendments “reflect the increased role of Russia in the modern world. Reinforce the priorities of the basic law”

Constitutional changes were announced by President Vladimir Putin in mid-January. In particular, the President proposed expanding the powers of the Parliament and to consolidate the priority of Russian laws over international.

On March 25 during his address to the nation, Putin announced the postponement of the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, which was previously scheduled for April 22. The new date is still unknown and will be announced in a separate decree. The Russian leader noted that it took very seriously this issue and expects that the citizens will vote, but will do it later, when the situation of coronavirus is normalized.