On Monday morning, were found in an apartment in Courfaivre, JU, two Dead. It is the Falkner, Pierre T.* (†47) and his wife. One of their children found the two bodies. It is believed that T. has first killed his wife and then himself.

Now is known: The Killed, had on 13. October 2019 a complaint against her husband returned. This is the office of the public Prosecutor of the Canton of Jura, announced announced on Friday afternoon. Reason, a sexual Assault was. The Falconer had threatened his wife with a weapon, such as “Le Matin” reported. When questioned by the police, he was, for the most part admitted their guilt. The weapons he possessed were seized.

Since he had no criminal record, and except for this incident, no other physical or sexual act of violence was committed, was not in custody. However, he was forbidden contact with his wife and approach her. His personal key to the house, he had to give up. The family of the woman concerned seemed to be not the but enough. This is expressed in the Prosecutor’s office of their concerns about the Situation. Three days before her death the woman was questioned, therefore, once again. Again, had not presented itself, but apparently enough disturbing facts that can close on the coming, the fact would.

the bodies were in the Nude

On the Morning of the incident, wanted to hunt T. on the. He went to a friend’s house in Courfaivre, his hunting dogs to pick up. There he was seen at 7.30 am. At 7.45 PM, he called his hunting companion, to tell him that he would join the hunting group only in the course of the Afternoon. His car was later discovered near the house of his friend, including dogs and cell phone.

Around 10: 15 p.m. finally, the bodies of the couple were found in the common house – these were completely naked. In addition, the two-sample guns. Both victims had injuries to the body, wherein those of the woman of many goods. In addition, they had to defend lacerations on your hands, maybe you tried to. Also, the condition of the home inventory indicates a fight. T. and his wife both died of a neck injury by a sharp object. In the house was found a goodbye letter. Who has written it, is currently being investigated – as well as the more detailed sequence of events. (bra)

* the Name has been changed