New data on coronavirus: 2400 people died, nearly 79 thousand people infected

In China, the number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 approaching 77 to the thousands who died almost 2,5 thousand people.

a Growing number of cases in South Korea. During the day, more than 100 confirmed new cases. The situation has deteriorated in Europe. France has said it will expand the resources of the laboratories for processing tests. Italian authorities enhance preventive measures are going to install check points and maybe even attract the military. I follow the situation all the 10 countries of the Association of South-East Asia. They say they are willing to help China in the fight against coronavirus.

For the past day in the world, more than 900 new cases of coronavirus. Recovered more than 2,000 people. Leaders in disturbing news remain China and the Republic of Korea. In addition, the sharp increase in the number of infected COVID-19 reported in Italy and Iran. All in all, the number of people infected in the world is almost 79 thousand people. Bole 2400 case turns deadly, reports channel “Russia 24”.