you should bring the the party’s left wing to better advantage, and with issues such as paternity leave, as well as proximity to the trade unions, young families and older employees drift into the arms of the CVP. However, in April, founded the Christian social Union (CSV).

Denied the miracle weapon?

38 people participated recently in the creation of the CSV Canton of Lucerne. If the management Board and the auditors, who were not allowed to tails, welcomed the CSV-Switzerland-President, Stefan Müller-altermatt (42) less than 30 heads. This is in the Lucerne CVP-tribe country, where the C-party with 23.9 percent (the national Council elections in 2015) in addition to the Valais, and Jura, their largest percentage share of the vote. And where 73 percent of the population belong to a Christian Religion.

so What’s going on? The Christian social wonder weapon-2019 as well as the “family party” – rocket in the 2015 elections fail? For the Lucerne CVP, this would be a bad news: Because you must shake one of their three CVP-Nationalrat seats. The Federal government admits the Canton of Lucerne in 2019, only nine instead of ten mandates, and the CVP won three years ago, her third seat, but only barely.

Historically grown Chaos

Since the creation of the CSV Switzerland, only two new CSV have formed so far-groups. In addition to the Lucerne, a came in Zurich. Just the two existing Christian Social party (CSP) have been broken down in the Aargau, and St. Gallen.

so simple, it is not everywhere, because the Christian-Social are a colorful bunch – also organisationally: Independent parties that are not in the CVP, but in the cantonal parliaments in the left-green political groups to politicize, there is also in train, in the lower Valais, and Freiburg. Completely independent of the CSP Obwalden. A special case of the CSP the upper Valais, which is a member of the CSV, and the C-group in the Valais Grand Council, but not part of the national CVP’s.

clean up takes time

he Wants to put on this mess, a thick coat, CSV chief Müller-altermatt lot of work. “If to choose, for example, the CSP Obwalden, a connection could be, this surely would be an important Signal,” says Karl Vogler (62, OW), one of two CSP-national councils. But as soon not go.

“Such movements grow with time,” says the Lucerne CVP-Council of States Konrad Graber (60). He refers to the Association of business and society (AWG), a further eight CVP-part groupings. The AWG has grown over 30 years, and have today, in the Canton of Lucerne, with around 500 members with great success. Of such numbers of members, the CSV can only dream at the moment.

Renewed discussion over the C

CVP-chief, Gerhard Pfister (56) nevertheless, adherence to the left wing: There is a demand, he is convinced. Others, less the S for Social as a Problem, but the C is for Christian. Silvio Bonzanigo (66), the former Co-President of the CVP city of Lucerne, path asked recently in the “Luzerner Zeitung”: “The C must.”

the easing of the weapons export, the tightening of the asylum practice of paternity leave, In-vitro-fertilization – not a subject that does not bring the C-party in distress, he finds. And when even the C-staff respect the marital Fidelity miss, and at state expense funds pass away, and mock the whole of Switzerland, so Bonzanigo.

the C is Set, however, when party leader, Gerhard Pfister (56). “It’s still our brand, but we need to associate with political content and well-represented.”