Researchers in the EU-the Commission has developed the control material, which ensures that the coronavirus test is working properly.

Laboratories in the EU must have the opportunity to check on their coronavirus-test is working correctly.

Therefore, researchers from The Joint Research centre (JRC) of the EUROPEAN Commission developed a new control material to monitor test.

the Purpose is to avoid false negative test results, must.

the Development of the material is an important step in the fight against coronapandemien, says Mariya Gabriel, EUROPEAN commissioner for research and innovation with responsibility for the JRC.

– The new control material has the potential to improve the EU’s capacity to respond to virusudbruddet and avoid valuable resources being wasted by inefficient test, she says.

A positive control material guarantees, according to the researchers that the coronavirus test is working properly.

On the way it can be avoided that a test gives a negative result, even if a person has the virus.

there is a need for a guarantee that the coronavirus test, which is being made, it shows the correct result, think Stella Kyriakides. She is the EU commissioner for health and food safety.

– Fast and reliable laboratory testing is fundamental to our strategy against the coronavirus. EUROPEAN researchers work to develop testing-control material will enable the verification of millions of tests across the european UNION.

– It is a great achievement by our scientists and will be crucial to our exit strategy, when it is time to begin to lift the social distancetiltag, she says.

Wednesday is 3000 samples of kontrolmaterialet ready to be sent to testing labs throughout the EU.

It only requires a small amount of the material for controlling a corona virus test.

This means that a sample tube is enough, so that the laboratory can control up to 20,000 tests.

On the way, the 3000 samples of the material make it possible to control up to 60 million tests in the whole of the EU.