New chess Cup of Nations will be held remotely

six of the Participants: Russia, USA, Europe, China, India and the national team “other world”. The composition of each team of four players must be at least one lady player.

From 5 to 9 may have to hold the tournament in two circles, and on 10-the two teams that will score the most points will meet in the Grand final. Players will play because the prize Fund of the tournament is 180 thousand dollars.

Among the confirmed participation and such chess giants as the fourteenth and fifteenth world Champions Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand of India, and new stars. The most striking 16-year-old boy-genius in the huge glasses, the Iranian Alireza Virunga.

the Rules of Fair Play will be observed. In any case, the panel of judges will provide a complete “isolation” of players from computers and trainers. Clues will be punished, and why to deceive each other especially now, in this difficult time.

the Tournament will be broadcast on many chess resources and of course Twitter and YouTube. Comments of experts will be performed in many languages, including Russian. As told in an official communiqué, the President of FIDE the International chess Federation Arkady Dvorkovich, the reasons for which the tournament is played in this format, pretty sad (but all of us understood – approx. ed.). But chess is one of the most advanced sport technologies.

I notice that in recent years the once-beloved game after a break start to gather more viewers. However, watching the tournaments in the halls, namely, remote. And today, when not only we, but almost the entire world at home, the audience will be almost certainly a multi-million.

well, the Nations Cup online won’t stop after the first round, nor the transfer of the Chess Olympic games in 2020, which was ready to accept Russia, 2021.

a blessing in disguise? Still pick different wording. Online Cup of Nations will not be bored. And then chess will still be returned. Will play live.