WhatsApp rolls out a beta via the Google Play Store and lifts the version to What’s new? In the new test version, WhatsApp only fixes problems with the notifications that appeared in one of the last betas.

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With the WhatsApp for Android Beta, WhatsApp now fixes the problems with the notifications in one of the last versions. There are no new features with the new test version this time.

When receiving a message, there was no notification sound, in some cases not even the vibration worked. With the current update, however, the problems should be a thing of the past.

The pensions of civil servants in Germany are on average significantly higher than the pensions. A request from the Ministry of the Interior shows that citizens would have to work 78 years for similar retirement benefits from the state treasury.

As a result of the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley, Interior Minister Roger Lewentz (SPD) has already resigned. The CDU is also demanding political consequences for Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD). She texted the former interior minister during the death tide. Twelve of these messages have now been published.

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