Climate glue Christian Bläul is asking for donations because he can no longer pay his fines. However, the father of two children does not want to stop his protests, preferring instead to go to prison if necessary.

“So far, my fines have totaled around 20,000 euros,” says Christian Bläul. The 41-year-old is a climate activist and regularly sticks to the streets. But that’s pretty expensive.

He was recently fined 450 euros in Dresden and 2,700 euros in Berlin. The income as an IT consultant is not enough for the father of two to pay these sums. “I could go to the blackboard,” he says ” Image “.

So far he has used his savings, but that has apparently been used up. In addition, he does not heat, lives extremely frugally and rides a cargo bike. To solve his money problems, he is now asking for donations. “If not many donations come together, I will pay off the money in installments over the years,” says Bläul.

Apparently, Bläul does not want to draw any consequences from the penalties. He spent his annual leave “often sticking around” on the streets of Berlin. He also writes on Twitter that he has “a lot of free time”.