Almost three weeks after the abrupt end of the season the award was made at an Event, the live was shown in the case of Instagram, Youtube and Magenta sports. Originally, the annual Gala for the 14. March in Wolfsburg have been planned, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been cancelled.

With a strong performance, with 23 goals and 26 templates, Noebels had a big part in the polar bear, the preliminary round as the Fourth completed. The Playoffs were not played due to the expansion of the Coronavirus. DEL-coach, DEL managers and captains, as well as experts and journalists had voted for him.

As the strongest goalkeepers in the experts national goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger, the returns for the upcoming season of the düsseldorf EC eisbaren Berlin back saw. The “coach of the year” was chosen Tom Pokel of the Straubing Tigers. The lower Bavarian Club stood third in the best first round in the club’s history in front of it, promising to the title of the game, before the season was prematurely ended. Maury Edwards from the ERC Ingolstadt was “defender of the year”. The 18-year-old striker Tim Stützle of the eagles of Mannheim received the award as “Rookie of the year”.