In the surface mining Vereinigtes schleenhain in the South of Leipzig has been defused on Monday afternoon, a bomb. 41 people in a locking circuit of 1400 meters had to leave in the Morning, their houses, said a spokeswoman for the police in Leipzig. In the afternoon you could return accordingly. According to police in de-escalating conveyor was damaged in the mine. The amount of damage was not yet known.

The British aircraft bomb from the Second world war and weighed about 125 kilograms, according to the police. She was found on Sunday night in the open pit. The detonator of the ammunition was damaged, the police spokeswoman.

it was Only in the beginning of February in the same open pit a 125-kilogram world war II bomb of British design and controlled discovered and blown up. 14. January had been discovered a world war II bomb in the city of Leipzig and made harmless. Shortly before Christmas, up to 10 000 people had to leave because of another bomb funds their apartments temporarily.