network Users outraged by the statement of the singer Larisa Dolina on the “legitimate” traffic violation. In old an interview with star drew the attention of the blogger Anton’s in your Teleagram channel.

He posted an excerpt of the program “Hundred questions to the adult” in which the artist tells that always moves around the city along with his personal driver. “I have no right to stop my car at all. This number is known to all who works in the traffic police,” — said the singer.

According to her, it permits the driver to violate traffic rules when there is an urgent need. For example, in the case of being late for a plane or train, as well as during the Christmas holidays. “If it is very much broke my driver, we are very sorry, but I can’t fined for it,” added Valley.

After the publication of Anton’s Twitter users began to criticize the singer. Some recalled an accident with another Russian star Mikhail Efremov.

In April Valley said that the Russian spectator, in contrast to the us, behaves zakompleksovannoy afraid to show his reaction, sitting in the audience. The singer stressed that U.S. citizens are “generally people are very relaxed”.