the Ajax attacker Quincy Promes have the weekend coronaregels his boots altogether and play a game of football is played on a square in Amsterdam, with colleagues in the field, Daishawn Redan (FC Groningen). The 28-year-old Promes, veertigvoudig English, international business, I realized in retrospect were wrong and apologized on social media.

Through social media, popped up in a video, which you can see is that Promes and the Redan, along with the other friends in the group of the football been. Both players were due to make their clubs accountable for their behavior.

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the Promes came up with a message on Instagram. “I would like to apologize for the movie, which I’m not. I’m going to miss the game, but in retrospect it was not wise to go out in those conditions. I wish you all the strength during this difficult time.”

The attacker has been a big name in the Dutch Eredivisie and in the Dutch national team. After his breakthrough at FC Twente was followed, over the past few years, the passages from Spartak Moscow and Sevilla. This past summer, he went back to Ajax, the club where he was a part of his training and completing it.