Netanyahu and Gantz in turn will control Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main political rival benny Gantz agreed to end a yearlong political crisis, in which Israel three times, in April and September 2019 and March 2, extraordinary elections were held. According to their results, none of the parties they lead, have not received the majority in Parliament.

“currently signed the agreement on the establishment of a national emergency government,” – said in a joint statement of the parties, which quotes The Guardian.

Netanyahu and Gantz, former chief of the General staff of the Israeli army, negotiated the agreement under which each will perform the duties of the Prime Minister in turn. The authorities haven’t released details of the agreement. Nevertheless, the Israeli media reported that Netanyahu will remain as Prime Minister for 18 months and then will refer cases to Ganz, which will also serve as the acting head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Israel 18 months.

a few minutes after the announcement of the news that the parties reached a compromise agreement, Netanyahu, who more than anyone in the history of Israel occupied the post of Prime Minister, posted on his Twitter page a photo of the Israeli flag. Ganz wrote that he prevented the fourth round of elections, which seems the most likely outcome if no agreement is reached. This stalemate led to the fact that without a fully functioning government of Israel failed to adopt a budget. The pandemic outbreak of coronavirus, which, experts say, took the Israeli authorities by surprise, has reinforced the need to reach a compromise to resolve the political impasse.

Both politicians are unable to form a majority coalition on their own and submit them to the President. Gantz was the last of those who were asked to form a government after he gathered a loose coalition of members of the Knesset (Parliament), Israel’s Netanyahu to support his candidacy. However, the General was not able to gain majority of votes last week. Previously, Ganz declined from its main political demands that Netanyahu had left the post of Prime Minister.

After that, the leader of the opposition spoke out against his own party “Blue and white”, which is planned to elect another speaker and promote legislation designed to end the political career of Netanyahu. It was about the limitation of the term of office of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers and the prohibition to hold the position of persons under investigation.

In the end, Gantz, which began his political career less than two years ago, with the support of Netanyahu and his allies announced his candidacy for the post of speaker with Cspruce to protect the Prime Minister from such legislation, to preserve the possibility of the existence of a national unity government. After his election as head of the Knesset disbanded the faction of “Blue and white”.