For their children, it was the coolest Job in the world. “The mom works at Smarties.” As Muriel Lienau (52) is no longer Brand Manager for Smarties Nestlé in Frankfurt, they gave their children a few more years in the Faith that she works at Smarties. “They were really proud,” she says today about her first feature at the food group.

the agreement of children and career was, of course, for today’s Nestlé-Switzerland-Boss, especially in Germany, this was the beginning of the 90s. The environment, although I had nothing against working mothers, says Lienau. “But I was a bit exotic.” As a French person, it was doubly exotic, says Lienau of VIEW in a conversation at the Maison Cailler in Broc FR.

school parties didn’t want to miss

In contrast to France, there is no infrastructure, crèches and day school was in Germany. They had to organize, they. And admits: “There were moments where it was difficult and a bit too much.” But you found the normal. Without work, you would have missed something. Also her two sisters had children and worked.

Two Times after the birth of her two daughters and two boys they had been reduced to a few months to 80 percent. In addition, they agreed with Nestlé that she was able to twice pick up the week, the children at 15. Her also working husband had supported.

Many of your working Friends in Germany had a guilty Conscience because of the children. “I never had a bad Conscience, because that was normal in France,” explains Lienau. However, they had clear priorities. “At school parties and parents, I wanted to be evenings, as there was no compromise.” Your employer is your. “But I ask me also the courage,” she says. Many women would not have dared.

France for professional women is easier than in Germany

A boss you taught at the beginning of their career, to Refine the chocolate, and said, jokingly, who could conching, will have to Nestlé’s success. That seemed to be true in the case of Lienau. In Germany, they climbed the career ladder to information and marketing Director Germany.

In 2007, she moved with the family to France, where she was responsible for the first coffee capsule Nescafé Dolce Gusto. Life was easier, not only because the children were bigger. The environment with all-day schools, and many mothers also worked, facilitated the reconciliation of family and Job. Lienau says: “I have Often told my Team in Paris, you have it much easier here than in Germany.” In France, she worked most recently as global Head of sales and Marketing of nestlé’s international water division.

Now, she lives for seven months on lake Geneva and, among other things, the DNA of the Swiss brands such as Thomy, Leisi and Cailler. The Cailler-chocolate heuer 200 years old, she wants to make for another 200 years. She has done a lot of research and with the people speaking, to see how you can develop the brand further. You know the Swiss-German afternoon Tradition of the best device and Cailler-Branchli.

women who want to work after the birth of the child, you must always take more. Discrimination because of pregnancy or maternity to take.

1. Part of: registry disgusted young mothers out

2. Part of: “are Pregnant women like a plague”

the aim of more women in leadership

“Switzerland has surprised me with her many innovations in the trade,” Lienau. It keeps the Switzerland, with the affluent consumers who have a desire to try new things, for an ideal test market. Not long after you launched the inaugural together with Coop Romandie, a Test for Vegiprodukte. In the next few weeks, these are also available in the German part of Switzerland.

Lienau is only one of two, three mothers in Switzerland in the management of a major company. In management positions at Nestlé in Switzerland, she met a female share of 30 percent. “There could be more, we are working on it,” she says. Is it aimed at a 50-percent share? “Not from today to tomorrow, but we will set ourselves goals.”

“This is not a question at all,”

Nevertheless, she sees barriers for women’s careers. She hopes to be able to encourage women. “I was at Nestlé, two heads, where I really had the feeling that they support me,” she says. The Nestlé Boss, studied at all the women in the lower management levels, what you need to carry you, whether it’s Coaching, or more flexibility.

it Would also set a pregnant woman or transport? Lienau does not have to think twice: “Yes, why should I not take any pregnant woman? This is not a question at all. It is Motivation and competence.”

Will you do now, where Nestlé is committed to the health trend, the Cailler chocolate healthier? “No, not every Consumer knows what is in the chocolate,” she says. For healthy eating, the dose is crucial. That’s why you have forbidden your children to never Smarties in bulk.