In Florida (USA) are environmentalists and nature lovers in an uproar. Due to the Swiss food multi-Nestlé. The group plans four million litres of water per day from the lagoons and springs in the Ginnie Springs Park pump out. The water is then to be used as drinking water in bottles sold, the newspaper “The Guardian” reported.

According to the environmentalists, the Nestlé plans to endanger the Ecosystem. Because the sources belong to the area of influence of the river of Santa Fe, on the shores, different kinds of turtles nest. Currently it goes to the river again, after already earlier, too much water has been pumped out. However, according to the environmentalists the balance is fragile, the planned water abstraction too much.

The Swiss promise, together with their local partners in a sustainable manner with the source of water to deal. The North America division of the group has released a Statement.

permission is missing

Nestlé needs for the water bottling license. This is owned by a local partner, but expired. Now, the company has made an application for the renewal. It is unclear how much money they offer. Already, Nestlé has purchased a factory in the vicinity. There, the bottles are to be filled.

Apparently the water will come to the group to be very favorable. Because water law in Florida States that all waters are owned by the state. A price for the water has not therefore.

thousands of signatures

The Trouble about the Nestlé plans in Florida, meanwhile, is so great that concerned citizens have started an Online Petition. This soon draws 6000 people. The Petition demands that Nestlé is not granted the desired license. The Petition Creator argues emotionally: “Ginnie Springs is a gem of Florida. It is loved by the local population and tourists alike. Nestlé is known to destroy places such as Ginnie Springs – and that breaks our heart!”

again and again, the water division of Nestlé, the device in the criticism. In the past year, about a dispute between the villagers and Nestlé is in Vittel, France kindled. There is a source threatened to dry up. (jfr)