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Several of the smallest øykommunene in Wyoming to plan for the worst if large parts of the inhabitants are infected.

In the Nordland apply it Værøy, Røst and Træna. They have, respectively, 728, 498 and 435 inhabitants, according to Statistics norway.

in A scenario is the evacuation of the entire island community.

Træna is located 33 nautical miles (approx. 65 km) out to sea on the coast of Helgeland. Now mayor Jan Helge Andersen (Ap) has been in contact with the neighboring municipality on the mainland, Nesna.

Here’s the mayor Hanne Davidsen (Ap) mapped out what they can offer in the event of any evacuation.

– Can not take all of the

Nesna with the North University in focus.


But Nesna is also a small municipality. With 1761 inhabitants can’t manage the municipality to take all in Træna.

– We can’t accept everyone. We have identied that we have 250 beds. We have an abandoned asylum which is in the municipality’s possession. We also have a campground with lots of accommodation in the winter insulated cabins. In addition, we have student their bedsits and apartments, ” says Davidsen.

She has been in contact with all of these.

– We think that we can bring to a collaboration. This means that many people also have to be evacuated to another municipality, ” says Davidsen.

the Mayor of Nesna Hanne Davidsen (Ap) says they want to assist their good neighbor out in the ocean. If the island Træna must evacuate as a result of koronapandemien, Nesna ready to accept.

Photo: Frank Nygård / NRK

In Nesna and Træna, there is so far no one who has been shown koronasmitte.

It is the mayor of Træna, Jan Helge Andersen, happy.

– We must plan for the worst possible can happen. Something we of course hope will not occur, ” says Andersen.

Alf Helge Andersen, the mayor of the Træna (Ap).

Photo: Frank Nygård / NRK

Nesna has now recorded that the municipality can offer in the event of any evacuation. Now it is up to The to decide if this can be included in their emergency plan.

Davis says the two municipalities already work together in several areas.

– the Situation is very special. It has come suddenly upon us. I believe we have used the time well, but it is demanding. We work intensely with the plot and make plans for all possible situations.

Træna municipality will not have to visit

county governors of Nordland, Tom Cato Karlsen.

Photo: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK

on Monday, told NRK that the County governor of Nordland has had conversations with several mayors in the island community about masseevakuering, if an outbreak of koronaviruset were to occur.

– Now I do historical subject or scare anyone. But it is important for municipalities to plan for the worst. How are you going to evacuate? It is the discussion we have had with the municipalities, ” says the regional Tom Cato Karlsen, Nordland.

to avoid such a scenario also pray kommuneledelsen all who are planning easter holiday, or visit to Træna about to drop on the trip.

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