FC Bayern is currently fighting more than just a disruptive fire. Now the Bayern bosses are also accused of nepotism. From Mesut Özil’s advisor.

Nepotism in Munich? FC Bayern is currently in a bad light because of the anger surrounding Robert Lewandowski. Erkut Sögüt, advisor to Mesut Özil, has surprisingly made serious allegations against the club. In the “Daily Mail” he speaks of nepotism in Munich: “Rummenigge’s brother is a football agent, as is Rummenigge’s son. Hoeneß’s brother is a football agent and not long ago Matthias Sammer worked for the club. His son is also a football agent. Imagine all these agents swarming around Bayern Munich. You are fighting someone who has a family member in the club, what can you do?”

Short, compact, clear

Family Advisor: The “Bild” reports that there were actually transfers that were initiated by family members of the (former) Bayern bosses. For example, that of the then striker Sandro Wagner to Munich.

Still no monopoly: the accusation against the ex-bosses of FC Bayern comes as a surprise. Mainly because, according to “Bild”, most of the consulting activities take place in the youth sector and no consultant has more than two professionals under contract.