There were ugly scenes, which occurred in the GC-shame on Sunday: The Hoppers were against Luzern 0:4 at the back, the game was interrupted due to some disorder of Ultras already, the descent of the record master is a done deal. Because of the well-known neo-Nazi and Ultra-Stefan N.* (40) stepped on the lawn and managed to ensure a further low point (of VIEW reported).

The tattooed bald man acts self-consciously – the police in full gear did not impress him. The unemployed chef from Winterthur ZH is based on GC-Captain Heinz Lindner and President, Stephan Rietiker and deliver the demand of the Fans: “Give the body. Pull down the pants! Get the fuck out!” And actually, the players let the Fans in to blackmail, hand over their jerseys. You didn’t want to leave the Situation completely escalate, to justify the club-responsible for the knee the day after.

In the case of demolition in Sion at the forefront of

a VIEW of research now reveal: It’s not the first Time that Stefan N., with its chaotic counterparts, is forcing his own club in the knee! On Videos is to see how the neo-Nazi is already in the game-crash in Sion in March at the forefront and on a rampage. The Outcry after the scandal in Sion in the Swiss football then great, the claims were clear. Nevertheless, it was the ringleader in Lucerne again into the stadium, and grant. Even though the GC knows the culprit! In the case of GC, it is on request, you know that Stefan N. was in Sion also present in the stadium. The fan curve, “act right”, not a voice, but it is called from the GC press.

Only: Stefan N. two decades, is soon in the far-right scene. The large swastika that was the choice-Winterthur tattooing on the breast, speaks a clear language. “Honor, Loyalty, Fatherland” about the Nazi Symbol.

as early as 2003, an article in the “Facts” about Stefan N., who was then a member of the Skinhead organization “Patriotic wing” that fought against the government, the Left and the foreigners appeared. “I can’t stand by and watch as our country goes broke,” he said at the time.

In the case of the trial against neo-Nazi as a supporter in the process,

After the 2012 shot a self – confessed neo-Nazi in the Zurich Niederdorf a counterparty close-up in the chest, sass, Stefan N. at the trial in the auditorium-the man with tätowiertem Hitler-portrait. According to the group “Antifa Bern” should have been in the Winterthur also in other relevant groups, such as “Blood and Honour”, and in the case of a neo-Nazi Band have performed.

From the environment by Stefan N. it is today, he had broken away from the right-wing scene. In fact, the bald head moved in the year 2014, of all things, to the United-tribune, a group of rockers from the Balkans. However, if you believe Stefan N. s Facebook-profile, arrived outside the bald guy ideologically back to the right. “Hoonara” emblazoned around on his profile, the abbreviation of “Hooligans, Nazis, racists”.

Outside the stadium, Stefan N. is not quite so self-conscious. After VIEW confronted him, disappeared from his profile from the network.

* Name

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