Nelson Müller was born in 1979 in Ghana as Nelson Nutakor. Four years ago, he came into a foster family – for sure not an easy time, to the chef, however, has mainly positive memories. Actually, he speaks often about his private life – for GQ, he makes but one exception.

GQ: Mr. Miller, if you think back to your Childhood, what are the images that you have in mind?

Nelson Müller: I was much with my father in the garden, in the open, we made a lot of vacations. I also remember the dog we had, a Cocker Spaniel. My father comes from a farm family, my mother has relatives on the North sea, so we were always outside a lot in nature.

it came with four years in foster care to their parents from whom they were later adopted also. What was there family life?

It was a very classic distribution. My father was all day in work, my mother at home. It was, however, a relatively emancipated household, in each of which all tasks has taken on. My father was from the afternoon and we did a lot together. And on the weekend, of course.

there Were special things you have done to your father?

Yes, we had our vegetable garden, we worked together a lot. This for him was a compensation for the everyday life and also revealed by the fact that he comes from an agricultural family. On Sundays we went to Church together, have washed the car. And we have a lot of music together. I can still remember, very vividly.

What are the properties that you associate primarily with their father, the values he has taught you are?

My father was Born in 1935 and has thus a very different relationship to food and the everyday. Each bread was blessed before every meal, prayed. Also the cleanliness was for him an extremely important issue. He was as a Boy in a Catholic boys ‘ grammar school and therefore had already a precise idea of how I should behave myself. And he has put a lot of value to my education and my General knowledge. This was an important subject for conversation at the dinner table.

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He had studied math and was an engineer – a real Numbers guy and has tried me as a bit out of zukitzeln, what didn’t work so correctly, because I’m more of a musical type. The artistic subjects were to me in school more than anything else – so it was perhaps good that he has for me, in the mathematical area of the home.

What were the typical conflicts that you have fought with your father?

I was always a little freaky and crazy and he’s a very down-to-earth, humble man. Freaky things have made him angry – if I wanted to wear fancy sunglasses, then this was not being at all. Modesty was always important to him, and also in dealing with others, he was more careful and cautious. This has influenced me sustainably.

you will See certain characteristics of your father in yourself?

In any case, So things like geography or biology have him very interested in and so it goes for me, too. In character he is a rather defensiverer man and there I learned a lot.

so you would describe yourself more as a reserved?

Yes, certainly. I’m a cautious and reserved person. Of course, with a penchant for Entertainment, but from a craft point of view. Not because I want to focus on, but because I have mastered my craft and that can also show.

What says your father to the career that you have made? The profession of a cook is to him to predict Yes certainly, but, as he is to her TV career – he looks at everything, what are you doing?

My father and also my mother is proud of me. My parents watch my shipments together, and give me always feedback – mostly positive, but sometimes critical.

What are the things that criticize your parents to you?

There are always broadcasts, which are difficult, where you say that you have noticed that I haven’t felt well in it. Or in the Interplay with other didn’t fit. You analyze very carefully, back to me and give me advice. Critical observers just.

As you were 34 years old, have you let your parents adopt and hot, Yes indeed it is only since officially Müller. Why was the time important?

I have lived over the years, have felt from the heart as a Miller and that was the completion, as the member of the family, I had always been.

you also have contact to their biological parents …

Yes, absolutely.

do you See Similarities between yourself and your biological father?

not Really, no. Maybe little things, but no more.

there Are properties that realize them, which you consider to be typically German – and Vice versa properties that do not conform to the stereotype of the Germans?

I would say that I am rather typical of English. This delusion that everything has to last for eternity, that you will never live for the Now, but always make plans for the next few years – because I am very German.

you do not have any children. Have you considered, though, how the theme of fatherhood has changed since you were a child, what would you do today differently in education?

My father is someone who is paid to much and a lot of effort has been given. Of course it is always easy to say that I would be this or that make it completely different, but every child is different, each time is different. Of course, my parents were stricter than I would be it is probably. But I would never say that I would have liked to be different, because it affected me in the end and made who I am today.

Have you ever thought about at least once a foster child – after the experience, you made it yourself?

The thoughts I have made me actually. I could imagine it. It’s also nice, if the family so openly and with room for a people who need him.

you are not but still active in the family planning?

(laughs) no, not at the Moment.

Nelson Müller has earned in 2011, with its Restaurant Pepper in food a star, and till today, keep. He became known through his appearances in cooking shows on TV such as “The kitchen battle” or “Master Chef”.

This article was written by Mathias Ottmann.

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